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New Items for September 2007

September 24, 2007

Featured Product

Spar Wars Sweatshirt


In This Issue:

  1. Spar Wars
  2. Original Karate Quips Car Signs
  3. Martial Art Movies

1. Spar Wars

Feel the Star Wars force and emerge victorious with the Karate Quips Spar Wars apparel.

The dual shadow karate images with the underlying Spar Wars message in the original Star Wars font is a must for any martial artist and/or Star Wars fan.

This new item for September 2007 can be found on sweatshirts, hats, mugs and more.

Link: http://www.cafepress.com/karatequips/3726091

2. Original Karate Quips Car Signs

The original Karate Quips cars signs started it all. These classic quips measure about 4.5" square and mount on any appropriate surface by suction cup!

Be sure to visit the Karate Quips web site for more...

Link: http://www.karatequips.com/kihap/index.asp

3. Martial Art Movies

Every martial artist likes a good Kung Fu flick. In association with Amazon.com, Karate Quips has compiled a selection of favorites for you to easily browse.

Link: http://astore.amazon.com/martial_art_movies-20/002-7844145-1761623?%5Fencoding=UTF8&node=1

Thank you for your interest and purchase. Be sure to check back often as new designs are in the works!

~ Mark @ Lasich Internet Design/Karate Quips

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